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Meet Sandra

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

I am a Professional Spiritual Life Coach, certified through Udemy and the Light Worker Academy, approaching coaching in a holistic manner. I have 50+ years of the Universe molding and nudging me through life’s lessons, victories, and everyday living.

I am an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church. I am an 8th generation Reiki master. I have been blessed with abilities in intuition, energy healing, mystical understanding.

Career-wise, I am the 1st member of my family to earn a Bachelor's degree. I have worked in customer service oriented positions and in the corporate world for over 23 years. I have obtained a great number of skills through life in addition to my god given talents. I have experienced a rich and fulfilling life and raised three wonderful children.


As a Spiritual Life Coach, I will assist you in finding the answers you are seeking, knowing full well that the answers are already within you. We will create a safe space so that together we can help you access your full potential, discover your passions, life purpose, increase life skills and create the transformational changes that you desire. We can explore whatever is on your mind and heart. Together we will find the answers you seek. You will be empowered to positively move forward through difficult situations, find success, clarity and inner peace.


I have overcome many things in my life. I have overcome physical and mental abuse, poverty, untraditional education path, difficulties with children, and so much more personally. Professionally I have worked hard, rising through the corporate world from the beginnings as a drafter. I put myself through college as a single mom, cocktail waitressing. I am a recovering codependent, been through therapy, fought depression.


All of these things have made me who I am today, they have provided my skills and knowledge to help others in ways I would not have been able to do if I had not experienced them. I continually strive to learn more!


My vision is to help others find their purpose in life and to live happy lives through sharing my knowledge! 

My mission is to enhance life through holistic methods!

My goal is to create a better everyday life for anyone who wishes, utilizing spiritual and business tools in a holistic approach on a personal level.

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